Miguel Claims To Make Better Music Than Frank Ocean

Miguel confidence is a “sure thing”. Speaking to the Sunday Times, the “Adorn” singer who catapulted both literally and figuratively with his Kaleidoscope Dreams EP addressed comparisons between himself and crooner Frank Ocean. Speaking to The Sunday Times, Miguel said: “I wouldn’t say we were friends. To be completely honest — and no disrespect to… Continue reading

Big Boi Chats With Converse Rubber Tracks

Big Boi (@BigBoi) shares some personal anecdotes about recording some of Outkast’s biggest hits at Stankonia for Converse’s Rubber Tracks, a program which invites aspiring artists of all genres to record music in a number of iconic studios. For more information about the program head here and here to register.

Rachel Dolezal Steps Down From NAACP

Life comes at you fast. In less than a week after the viral controversy, President of Spokane’s NAACP Chapter, Rachel Dolezal has resigned after it was reported that she falsified her ethnicity for several years. In addition to her untruths, Dolezal’s parents spoke to the media about their daughter portrayal of being a black woman… Continue reading