Vanessa Elisha “Midnight Swim”

Vanessa Elisha (@vanessaelisha) makes waves as she takes a dive into GXNXVS sound bed which helps set the tone on this soothing tune. This is our first introduction to the beautiful Australian songstress but if you can roll the likes of Tinashe, Jhene Aiko etc. into one it might sound like Vanessa Elisha. Listen below.

Sade Serena “Germination” EP

Miami artist SadeSerena (@SadeSerena) drops off her debut EP, Germination, following reaching the 4 spot on Billboard’s Hot Singles chart independently with her debut single, “Tonight.” Take a listen to the 7-track project below which also includes previous released songs “Renegade” and “Hello Kitty,” both of which continued to build the R&B-Pop songstresses buzz amongst… Continue reading